• back to nature post covid 19 travel
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    Post-lockdown travel ideas and trends

    Travelling is not over. The Covid-19 crisis opens new ways of tourism, bringing us back to nature, closer to our families and friends, and most important: closer to ourselves. I have been preaching about camping, vanlife, road trips and solo travelling for years. It is exciting to see that this all will soon become a reality and many, who maybe never really thought about travelling in that way, will start to do it. In this post, I share with you some post-lockdown travel ideas and trends.

  • Kids at the train station during the journey from Mozambique to Malawi

    The epic journey from Mozambique to Malawi

    If you want to go from Mozambique to Malawi on land, using public transport, you will first need to take a train. And this is going to be an unforgettable train adventure! The second part of the route is hard, long and exhausting because there is no official public transport. Be ready for the epic journey from Mozambique to Malawi!

  • experience in sponsoring a child: african family and european girl

    Sponsoring a child in Africa: my experience and the things you need to know

    I am sponsoring a child in Africa. His name is Mcebisi, and he is seven years old. Early 2019, I went to Eswatini because I wanted to visit him and see where my money goes. I pay 30 Euros per month to World Vision Austria. In this post, I will share with you my experience in sponsoring a child, and I will tell you the things you need to know before you decide to donate. Swaziland = Eswatini Probably you have never heard about Eswatini. It is because the country’s absolute monarch King Mswati III spontaneously decided to change the name from Swaziland to the Kingdom of Eswatini in 2018,…

  • A girl laying on the bed inside of a treehouse in one of the best places to live in the world
    Africa,  Australia,  Latin America,  Southeast Asia

    Amazing places to live in the world

    Let me take you for a short trip to my absolute favourite places to live in the world (included a few old pictures from, long long time ago ;-)) Let’s go! Tofo, Mozambique  My beloved Tofo (no, not tofu!). ‘Please stay as you are because I want to come back!’ I was at the beginning of my current trip when I got there (early 2019). And imagine: as soon as I got there, I started to look for an apartment, because I just fall in love with this little town. In the end, I laughed about this idea and I continued my trip. ‘I am here for travelling not for…

  • two little Laotian girls wearing striped T-shirts and looking into the camera
    Southeast Asia

    A destination without crowds: north Laos

    If you like to travel off the beaten path and you cannot stand a huge amount of backpackers, then I have a secret destination for you: north Laos. I heard someone saying that there are no more undiscovered places in southeast Asia. I have experienced on my own, that this is not true. I went to places in Laos that haven’t been visited by tourists in weeks, or maybe even months. I saw authentic villages, authentic homes, authentic families. Saying ‘authentic’, I mean people who have almost no influence from the globalized world. I visited a village, where the only tool of communication with the outside world was a cable…

  • Woman in the desert
    Australia,  Featured

    A crazy schizophrenic Polish woman alone on the Outback roadtrip

    When I first got to Australia I didn’t plan to go to the Outback. I actually wanted to stay only on the coast, but the bushfires in November, flooding in January and the tropical temperatures in the far north in February changed my plans. So, quite spontaneously, I decided to do the Outback roadtrip in order to get back from the far east to the south coast, where the weather conditions are better in March and April. I didn’t know much about the Outback in the beginning. I just heard that everything is very far and there are nothing and no one around in case of emergency. And of course,…