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Travelling couple is not brave

This is going to be an arrogant post

I have been on this solo one-way ticket trip for 16 months. Before that, I have been travelling solo through different continents, for weeks or months. In total, I have travelled to 53 countries and to 2/3 of them just on my own.

The couple in the supermarket

I have been in a supermarket not so long ago, and I saw a couple who travels through Australia by a van, similarly to me. And I heard them chatting with some local who said: ‘You guys are so brave to do it!’

I stopped. And I looked at them. I looked at the person who has just said the word ‘brave’. And I thought to myself: You must be joking?! Brave? Brave?! Because they are having a nice journey through the country? They are probably adventurous, spontaneous, amazing and cool, but certainly, there is NOTHING brave about them!!!!!

A woman with long hair in the morning light

Travelling couple is not brave

Do you know what is brave? Brave is to leave EVERYTHING behind – not due to anger nor disappointment. Brave is to leave every stability and security that you have. Brave is to do things that you are afraid of. Brave is to go to unknown places without knowing anybody. Brave is to go on your OWN. Brave is to have no one to rely on. Brave is to have no one to lean on. Brave is to have no one to talk to. Brave is to cross borders without anyone who waits for you on the other side. Brave is to sleep in places that aren’t your home, without anyone who can tell you that there are no crocodiles/ lions/ elephants / etc. outside.

A woman with long hair looking towards the morning sun

Traveling couple is not brave!!!

Brave is to walk alone through the street while everybody is staring at you, maybe because you look different, but more because you are a woman who walks alone. Brave is to drive a car through the desert without anybody who double-checks if you have enough water or fuel. Brave is to take care of everything on your OWN. No one can look at my stuff when I’m at the toilet. No one can make me dinner when I do not feel good. No one can make me smile when I feel sad. No one can make sure that any male idiot will approach me, grab me, insult me. Brave is to keep an eye on EVERYTHING on my own. 

Travelling couple is cool, I am brave

I do know the difference. I did travel with a partner, with a friend, with a group. I did. And it is amazing, cool, great, adventurous and so on. When I travelled with someone no one is paying attention, no one even notices. No one is approaching, no one is questioning, no one is JUDGING.

Travelling couple is not brave. Travelling couple is cool. I am brave. Me, being a woman, who travels most of the time alone. Sorry solo travelling men out there, but you need to understand that for us it is just another level.

A woman with long hair in the morning light

Loneliness turns into pride

And I know that there are many other women like me out there. I met them. Some of us do not have an Instagram or blog, or some of us do not talk about it. Some of us post great pictures and stories. We all live and express our adventures differently, but in the end, we all know that there is also the other side of the coin: LONELINESS. However, loneliness, when it matures, turns into pride. ‘Look at me! Look at me how far did I go!’

I am ignorant

I am ignorant. I ignore all the judgements I get. This is why I am where I am: ‘Look at me! Look at me how far did I go!’

I do not write it, because I personally need attention. I ask you to think about it before you next time call some travelling duo ‘brave’.

With peace and respect to every couple I have met along my way: You are cool! 🙂

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  • Marcin

    Hey Karo, you are definitely brave, much more than others, especially travelling couples. All what you have described here, loneliness and what are you going through when you alone I totally agree with it, it’s not easy, its more inner journey with yourself fighting with feeling comfortable to be only with yourself.

    On the other hand, you cannot judge others if they brave or not, I have learned that -we are the experts of our lives, we do not know what others are going through… but yes possibly you are right.

    And are we ever alone? is it possible? what about our family/ friends as a backup? somewhere there, I guess miles away, but if needed they could save us… and at the present moment, we are always surrounded by other people or animals.. but you can feel alone among the crowd of people too, all depends.

    hope that’s fine,
    all the best!

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