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Three types of men you (as a woman) will meet when you travel

I have experienced different types of men on my road and I can classify them in three main groups. Note, that this classification happens only after they asked those 3 questions:

  • What’s your name?
  • Where are you from?
  • How long are you going to stay here?

1st type of man: The fast one

You are with him for about 5 minutes in the same room and he will already offer you to have sex with him. I mean, he will not ask that openly: ‘let’s have sex’ (it may also happen), but most commonly he will ask like this: “let’s have fun together!” Or: ‘let’s go to the shower’, or ‘let’s go to the beach’. 

He is using the first momentum just because he wants to be the first one, getting some kind of priority. He will be standing next to you from the beginning on, so that other guys see you are talking to him. His strategy is to make you look like you would be already taken.

However, you don’t have to say yes immediately – those types of men have some patience – they will try a few times. Here I noticed two options:

Option A: he is not very handsome – he will try hard. Even if you will say no to him, he will still stay close to you. Because, you never know, maybe you will get drunk and maybe you will change your mind.

Option B: he is handsome – he will not try that hard. You say no – no problem, probably there are other girls around, some of them might say yes.

2nd type of man: The karma one

This man is interested, and he really feels it. In the current moment of course. He will tell you, that you are very special, that you have the most beautiful eyes he has ever seen. This guy truly feels the connection, the moon, the karma, etc. He will look at you, like he would be in love with you, in love from the first sight. Therefore this man wants to dance only the slow and romantic songs with you.

If you say no, he will try harder. If you say no many times, he will still send you a letter or buy you a gift. He will not hear your no. This type of man will follow you and he will dream about you until you will come around with another man.

3rd type of man: The cool one

This guy is cool. He says normal stuff. You have fun together. You laugh and dance and it’s a good vibe between you. He is not trying to sleep with you in the first 5 minutes. He is not telling you that you are his destiny. This guy even looks good. He is smart, funny, open-minded, etc… Sounds good, right?

But let me tell you something: This man has a girlfriend or a small dick. Or both.

Have you met those type of men on your road? Comment below.

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