• A girl laying on the bed inside of a treehouse in one of the best places to live in the world
    Africa,  Australia,  Latin America,  Southeast Asia

    Amazing places to live in the world

    Let me take you for a short trip to my absolute favourite places to live in the world (included a few old pictures from, long long time ago ;-)) Let’s go! Tofo, Mozambique  My beloved Tofo (no, not tofu!). ‘Please stay as you are because I want to come back!’ I was at the beginning of my current trip when I got there (early 2019). And imagine: as soon as I got there, I started to look for an apartment, because I just fall in love with this little town. In the end, I laughed about this idea and I continued my trip. ‘I am here for travelling not for…

  • two little Laotian girls wearing striped T-shirts and looking into the camera
    Southeast Asia

    A destination without crowds: north Laos

    If you like to travel off the beaten path and you cannot stand a huge amount of backpackers, then I have a secret destination for you: north Laos. I heard someone saying that there are no more undiscovered places in southeast Asia. I have experienced on my own, that this is not true. I went to places in Laos that haven’t been visited by tourists in weeks, or maybe even months. I saw authentic villages, authentic homes, authentic families. Saying ‘authentic’, I mean people who have almost no influence from the globalized world. I visited a village, where the only tool of communication with the outside world was a cable…