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Post-lockdown travel ideas and trends

Travelling is not over. The Covid-19 crisis opens new ways of tourism, bringing us back to nature, closer to our families and friends, and most important: closer to ourselves. I have been preaching about camping, vanlife, road trips and solo travelling for years. It is exciting to see that this all will soon become a reality and many, who maybe never really thought about travelling in that way, will start to do it. In this post, I share with you some post-lockdown travel ideas and trends. Even though that the restrictions are being lifted all around the world and we are technically allowed to move more, it doesn’t mean that it is completely safe and that you can not get infected. Think about it before you decide to travel.

Travel locally

Forget about international destinations for now and start to explore your district, town, region, country. There are so many things to see and to do. Usually when we get visitors in our country, and when they ask us to tell them something about the place where we live, we do not know what to respond. We do not know the local history, and we do not know how to cook a local meal. We even haven’t visited the top 5 attractions in our own country because we have always used our vacations to fly somewhere else. So now it is the time to explore your own home, the place where you live!

Tip: Google ‘top 5 destinations in [your country]’ and see which one you have never visited!

woman travelling solo post covid 19
Beautiful coastlines in Australia, some of them are not far away from the city

Nature and camping

Cities stay full of people, but we want to keep away from the crowds. No more city trips, but instead, we go to nature. Mountains, rivers, forests, deserts will witness an extremely uplift in people’s interest. Post-lockdown travel means no more sitting around at the pool and eating unhealthy food in the all-inclusive hotel with hundreds of other people. Instead of this, we do more hiking, biking and camping together with our friends and family. Keep in mind that in nature, no one cleans after us, so let us stay reasonable and responsible towards our earth!

Tip: Google ‘nationalparks near [place where you live]’ and see how many options you will find!

Camping with campervan
I spent the night here just before the lockdown. It was a beautiful spot without anybody around. The safest place on earth during Covid-19 is camping!


How do we explore our domestic destinations? On a roadtrip!! Take your best friends and go on a few days roadtrip (or maybe even longer?!). Listen to Ziggy Alberts, open the windows and observe your surroundings! Try this: Everyone who joins you can choose one random turn along the route. Get lost!

Tip: Google ‘best roadtrips in [you conutry]’!

post covid 19 roadtrip vietnam
This amazing roadtrip on motorbikes in Vietnam in 2019 will always stay in my memory! What are the places you can visit on a roadtrip in your country?

Solo travel

I can see it coming. I can see it, and I’m pleased about it because I know how much I have learned and grown because of travelling solo. I know, how different I experienced my destinations while being on my own. I believe that now, more people will dare to try it as well. Personal space becomes essential. Furthermore, many people start to think about travelling alone because they have realized that they had too little time for themselves until now. People begin to understand that work and money is not everything what we need and that we should interact more with our body, soul and mind. Post-lockdown travel means more of travelling solo!

Tip: check my post about how to travel solo but not lonely or about why I think that travelling solo is brave.

girl on the top of a van during sunset
Solo travelling is an incredible experience! This is me in the Outback.

Rather more short trips than one long journey

Because we will not travel far, we will not need days to get somewhere. That is why our holidays will become shorter, and we will instead do more short trips rather than one long journey per year.

Tip: Check public holidays for 2020 and plan your trips around those days to get more out of it.

short trips into the nature post covid 19
There are wonderful hikes in every country, I am sure you can plan some short trip with your friends or alone! Here, I was exploring rivers and waterfalls on the east coast of Australia.

Start to plan your next international post-Covid19 travel now

International travelling will be back. So if you are thinking, for instance about a world trip, I’m sure it will be possible in the future. And now, use this current time for saving money (see how much money does it cost to travel the world for one year and get my money-saving tips here) finding inspiration and ideas! I had my world trip on my mind for a few years, and I started to plan it one year before I finally left!

Tip: Follow me on IG and subscribe to my NL to not miss my upcoming posts about planning and preparation! 

roadtrip campervan outback
Longer travels need preparation. I was preparing my current adventure for months. Prepare now and be ready when it's time.

There is always an adventure waiting for us

We are still in the corona pandemic, so it is hard to predict when what will be possible. But I see it already here in Australia; travelling starts to be possible again – it is just becoming different. I am already planning to make short road trips in the Perth region, and go camping with a few friends. No one knows when international travel will be possible again and how it will change. But that’s fine; there are so many possibilities to go for an adventure and it doesn’t always has to be a long international journey!

What are your ideas and thoughts about post-lockdown travel? Leave a comment below!


  • Farrah

    Travel that involves nature has always been my favorite type of travel. :] I really hope as more people do this that they remember to clean up after themselves though! I’ve definitely been doing more local travel-planning lately, and yay for solo travel!

  • Jasmine

    I’ve already planned a few weekend trips around Queensland, Australia, although I’m hoping the Australia New Zealand bubble will open up soon so I can go home for a holiday!

    • Karolina

      Hi Jasmine! I also count on going to NZ soon 🙂 I think this will be the first international option we might have 🙂

  • Chelsea

    I am for sure planning on local travel in the coming months! Like you said, we are often so quick to leave our country that we never really get to explore it! I plan on taking many road trips in my home country 🙂

  • Lauren Neves

    Awesome and comforting tips! I’m actually doing all these things (apart from the solo traveling) as soon as we can. Currently doing the short day trips to parks that are open and more secluded and it’s been a grand time, but cannot wait to re-book my next international trip!

    • Karolina

      Hi Lauren! Thx for the tip about day trips to a park! Sometimes I think too big and too far 😉 I need to visit more parks around me!

  • Krystianna

    This is so great! I really wanted to travel to Europe and get a working holiday visa in Ireland after graduating (I just graduated university as part of the class of 2020) but now I’m thinking about moving out west and traveling the United States for a little while. 🙂

    • Karolina

      Hi Krystianna! I can imagine that this change doesn’t make you feel really good now :/ but I’m sure you will be able to go to Europe later! Now, we can’t do anything, but enjoy what we have and where we are! Good luck to you 🙂

  • Alexandra B

    I totally agree with exploring places that are less crowded! Road trips will become the new norm for awhile, though that is fine with me. I live in middle America and there are plenty of places to explore! Thank you for the recommendations!

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