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    Travelling couple is not brave

    This is going to be an arrogant post I have been on this solo one-way ticket trip for 16 months. Before that, I have been travelling solo through different continents, for weeks or months. In total, I have travelled to 53 countries and to 2/3 of them just on my own. The couple in the supermarket I have been in a supermarket not so long ago, and I saw a couple who travels through Australia by a van, similarly to me. And I heard them chatting with some local who said: ‘You guys are so brave to do it!’ I stopped. And I looked at them. I looked at the…

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    Roadtrip from Brisbane to Cape Tribulation

    As soon as you get out of Brisbane you will notice that you have found yourself in a completely different part of Australia. The distances between A and B become larger, the weather changes, sunrise is much earlier, people are more laid back and the surroundings are wild. The straight distance between those two spots is a little less than 2000km but it took me 4 weeks to complete the roadtrip from Brisbane to Cape Tribulation. The more north you get the wilder it becomes After I took the first highway from Brisbane towards the north, I realised that I am in a different world. I drove between forests and…

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    The 7 ugly truths about vanlife

    I live and travel in my van since January 2020. If you are thinking about doing the same, you should know that not everything about it is a dream. In this post, I will tell you the 7 ugly truths about vanlife that you should know before deciding to live in a van. 1st truth: there is no space It doesn’t matter how big your van is – there is never enough space. I try to organise things as nice and smart as possible, but there is just not enough room. And believe me: I do not have many things. When I try to stretch out my legs, while lying…

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    Roadtrip around Australia: tips for an amazing journey

    Since I’m currently on the road, I will update this post as soon as I find out more and more tips for you (last updated on 20.05.2020). Even so, I already found out some helpful stuff for the roadtrip around Australia. Here you are: You will need money Not a surprise, right?! But I can surprise you with another thing: it is not that expensive as I thought. Budget for fuel = $17 / day A van will need about 10L fuel for 100km. The average fuel price is around $1.40 per litre, which makes $14 for 100 km. When I was on the east coast I drove on average…

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    Driving from Sydney to Brisbane

    Driving from Sydney to Brisbane is quite popular. I met many fellows along the way, who were travelling by van – just like me. It is an easy ride with many facilities on the way. There are amazing beaches and good surf along this route. First days and nights in my van During my first days I was trying to figure it out, how does this cool vanlife work. I was not used to drive such a big car on the Australian roads (left side!) and I haven’t structure myself in my new home yet. Therefore I took it easy in the first days and drove just short distances. I had…

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    How to travel solo but not lonely

    In this article, I’ll give you five tips for the world travel on how to travel solo without feeling lonely. 1. Make a plan: do regularly something (creative) During my first year of non-stop travelling, I did photography and graphic design course. I had to follow a schedule and I had to upload assignments regularly. It was great to have some responsibilities. And to use my brain, sometimes.This year I started with WordPress (that’s why I also made this blog) and I will learn something about videography. I have plans. I have specific goals. Even if I travel solo, I’m definitely not lonely. 2. Stay in touch with your best…

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    Three types of men you (as a woman) will meet when you travel

    I have experienced different types of men on my road and I can classify them in three main groups. Note, that this classification happens only after they asked those 3 questions: What’s your name? Where are you from? How long are you going to stay here? 1st type of man: The fast one You are with him for about 5 minutes in the same room and he will already offer you to have sex with him. I mean, he will not ask that openly: ‘let’s have sex’ (it may also happen), but most commonly he will ask like this: “let’s have fun together!” Or: ‘let’s go to the shower’, or…

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    Buying a campervan in Australia

    Have you ever imagined me checking the car’s engine?! Ha! Me neither! But I did it. Before purchasing my van, I had no idea about cars. I never possessed one. And I have never been interested in the mechanic stuff. But believe me, it is not that difficult to buy a campervan in Australia. Just watch some youtube videos, see few cars, talk to people and you will be quickly able to make a pre-purchase vehicle check on your own! Here I have some tips and tricks for buying a campervan in Australia. Where to start? Download a guide from here. This guide not only contains useful information about how to…

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    Having (no) country

    This post is about the thought that I constantly have when I travel: it is about me having no country. Have you ever thought about it? Leave a comment at the button of this page! Where am I from? ‘Where are you from?’ – it seems like the simplest question in the world, however when I get this question, my brain starts to work on a few things, before I can answer. First, I’m analyzing my conversation partner. I am trying to figure it out if he or she is really interested in my answer or if this is just a standard small talk question. And second, I’m making sure,…