Online Marketing and Blogging Services

 I left my job in management at a digital agency in 2019 to become a traveller and digital nomad. I became more independent: I have more time for myself, I do more of what I love and I have more freedom. Now, I want to share with you my digital expertise so that you can also become more independent and free by growing your own online business. 

My services

online audit with cta

Do you have an online product or do you want to release one? Are you looking for constructive feedback or/and guidance on how to get things done? I will help you with your strategy and your to-do's. You don't have to be an expert - my feedback is easy to follow and understand. More details and booking option here.

online marketing and blogging services - management

Building and promoting your online business can be time-consuming and overwhelming. I can manage your accounts / advertisements and consult you on a monthly basis. My expertise includes: SEO, SEA, Social, Display, Affiliate, E-Mail and Digital Strategy. Tell me about your ideas and goals.

blogging services

Are you a company looking for alternative branding options? Are you a blogger looking to collaborate? Connect with me!

prints and photographs

I own the copyright of all images & photographs on this blog (unless otherwise stated). If you are interested in using them, or if you want to buy prints, contact me.

  • Degree in Marketing and Communication, University of Vienna.
  • 10 years of experience in general marketing (TV, Radio, Print, Creation…).
  • 6 years of experience digital marketing (strategy, business development & planning).
  • Practical experience with Content Creation, SEO, SEA, Display Marketing, Social Media Community Management, Social Media Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, E-Mail Marketing, WordPress, Graphic Design, Photography and more.
  • Proficiency in Analytics, Sistrix, Doubleclick, Adwords, Google Search Console, Keyword Planner, Adobe, FB Ad Manager, etc.

What my clients say about me

I highly recommend Karolina to employ as your assistant, advisor or marketing manager. Her communication skills are excellent, even though English is not her first language. She is very knowledgeable on general business and marketing online. Karo is thorough, patient and respectful. Very easy and enjoyable to work with. She does above and beyond what I ask her to do. Karo is now a trusted and valuable member of my team of professionals to help me get where I want to be without me having a personal 'technology meltdown'. She saves me time and stress! Her terms are very reasonable and Karo gives value for money. Grab her while she has time to take you on as a client.
Client feedback
client feedback
If you are interested in my online marketing services, please provide some information about your business: URL, Social Media Accounts, your product and your goals.