a woman standing in a gate of an ancient temple during her solo travel through india
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How to travel solo but not lonely

In this article, I’ll give you five tips for the world travel on how to travel solo without feeling lonely.

1. Make a plan: do regularly something (creative)

During my first year of non-stop travelling, I did photography and graphic design course. I had to follow a schedule and I had to upload assignments regularly. It was great to have some responsibilities. And to use my brain, sometimes.
This year I started with WordPress (that’s why I also made this blog) and I will learn something about videography. I have plans. I have specific goals. Even if I travel solo, I’m definitely not lonely.

Karolina Poloca standing during her solo travel in a gate of ancient temple ruins in Hampi
India, 2019

2. Stay in touch with your best friend/friends

I can just emphasise how important it is to have someone to talk. Someone who knows you. Yes, I am solo traveller, and yes I have no-one next to me most of the time. But I still need to share things with someone who understands. And friends, even if they sometimes can not imagine doing the same, they understand. And they support.
I’m travelling solo for many months and I’m regularly in touch with my best friend. Even if we just send us 1 minute of a voice message, this gives me still much courage! With them, I do not feel lonely when I travel!

3. Take some nice clothes with you (not for others, just for you)

Don’t look like shit all the time. Just because you are a backpacker/traveller/nomad/etc. doesn’t mean that you should look like being homeless.
I have one cute dress, and I wear some earrings, I even have a red lipstick (admit, I used it only a few times) and nice underwear with me. It feels good to look pretty from time to time. Take care of yourself.
Please cut your nails and shave regularly. I met some animals during my travels. And they even stink. I can not imagine being happy while stinking.

Karolina Poloca standing during her solo travel in front of the camera, gazing the camera, ancient run-ins of Hampi in the background.
India, 2019

4. Take a break

Travelling solo is exhausting. It is a challenge for the mind and the body. You change the climate; you have no own space, you sleep in shared dorms, in a van without fresh air, and so on. Sometimes you will sit on the bus for hours. And additionally, to that, you have hundreds of new impressions every single day. Travelling is painful. It makes tired. So please get yourself a break from time to time. Stay in a beautiful place, stop doing sightseeing, get a proper lunch and just don’t rush.

5. Be kind to your body

To be honest: When was the last time you had so much free time?! So get up and do some sport. Do yoga, go surfing, go to the gym, go for a swim. You need your body more than ever before.
Eat fresh food. I don’t know why so many travellers eat fast food all around the world. And I don’t agree with the argument that fast food ist cheap. You can cook on your own, or you can eat some super-healthy food on the streets almost all around the world.

Karolina Poloca sitting on the ground during her solo travel without facing the camera, surrounded by ancient pillars of Hampi

India, 2019

Do good things to your soul, treat your body well, develop new skills, share with your friends and you will feel fulfilled rather than lonely when you travel solo.

Do you have any other tips on how to travel solo but not lonely? Leave a comment below!

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  • Marcin

    Hi Karolina, yeah I totally agree with you about this post. I really like the idea no 1! such a simple and productive solution to fulfil our days 🙂

    I am not travelling at the moment, but after reading your posts I am getting the idea to grow again…

    you are brave Girl!

    -keep going!

    p.s. thanks for Ziggy, I didn’t know him 🙂

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