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    Post-lockdown travel ideas and trends

    Travelling is not over. The Covid-19 crisis opens new ways of tourism, bringing us back to nature, closer to our families and friends, and most important: closer to ourselves. I have been preaching about camping, vanlife, road trips and solo travelling for years. It is exciting to see that this all will soon become a reality and many, who maybe never really thought about travelling in that way, will start to do it. In this post, I share with you some post-lockdown travel ideas and trends.

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    Travelling couple is not brave

    This is going to be an arrogant post I have been on this solo one-way ticket trip for 16 months. Before that, I have been travelling solo through different continents, for weeks or months. In total, I have travelled to 53 countries and to 2/3 of them just on my own. The couple in the supermarket I have been in a supermarket not so long ago, and I saw a couple who travels through Australia by a van, similarly to me. And I heard them chatting with some local who said: ‘You guys are so brave to do it!’ I stopped. And I looked at them. I looked at the…

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    How to travel solo but not lonely

    In this article, I’ll give you five tips for the world travel on how to travel solo without feeling lonely. 1. Make a plan: do regularly something (creative) During my first year of non-stop travelling, I did photography and graphic design course. I had to follow a schedule and I had to upload assignments regularly. It was great to have some responsibilities. And to use my brain, sometimes.This year I started with WordPress (that’s why I also made this blog) and I will learn something about videography. I have plans. I have specific goals. Even if I travel solo, I’m definitely not lonely. 2. Stay in touch with your best…

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    Three types of men you (as a woman) will meet when you travel

    I have experienced different types of men on my road and I can classify them in three main groups. Note, that this classification happens only after they asked those 3 questions: What’s your name? Where are you from? How long are you going to stay here? 1st type of man: The fast one You are with him for about 5 minutes in the same room and he will already offer you to have sex with him. I mean, he will not ask that openly: ‘let’s have sex’ (it may also happen), but most commonly he will ask like this: “let’s have fun together!” Or: ‘let’s go to the shower’, or…

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    Having (no) country

    This post is about the thought that I constantly have when I travel: it is about me having no country. Have you ever thought about it? Leave a comment at the button of this page! Where am I from? ‘Where are you from?’ – it seems like the simplest question in the world, however when I get this question, my brain starts to work on a few things, before I can answer. First, I’m analyzing my conversation partner. I am trying to figure it out if he or she is really interested in my answer or if this is just a standard small talk question. And second, I’m making sure,…