About me

My Vision

I believe that we are self-responsible for our happiness. No-one can make us happy; not our partner, not the family, not our job, success or money. All those things can contribute to our well being, they can make us smile, but the real long life happiness can be only found within us. Happiness doesn’t depend on the circumstances nor the cultural background. Happiness is when you find yourself living the life you wanted, being the person you are proud of. To me, happiness is when you accept what you can not change and appreciate things you have reached, transformed or built. To be happy means to be connected with our soul, be content with our body and have a mind that challenges us. Happiness means freedom.

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My Mission

I want to encourage YOU to go for this happiness. Everyone deserves it, and everybody can have it. Sometimes, we need to do something to reach our freedom. Maybe we need to go against the social pressure, against things we learned, against the opinion of others. Sometimes we need to try new things, dare and risk.
My mission is to encourage YOU to do more of what you love, to spend more time with yourself, to explore, travel, be in nature. I want YOU to stop being dependent on your work or anything else, or stop following everything that the society wants you to do. I want to encourage YOU to be YOU and do YOU. I do not want you to quit everything and ignore everything and become a complete outsider or a selfish asshole. Nevertheless, I want to encourage YOU, to focus more on yourself, because this will not only have positive effects on your life but also on the life of people who are around you.
My mission is to share my thoughts and my experiences, to show you, that it is not as scary as it sometimes looks like and if your dream is to travel the world on your own, you can do it. And if your goal is, for example, to build your own online empire, to become more financially independent and to be able to work from any place in this world, I want to cheer and support you.

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Travelling has always been a part of me

I didn’t leave my job and became a full-time traveller because I run away from something. I have always been excited about new places and different cultures. I have never been homesick, I have never missed places, and it is weird to say, I have also never missed people too much. I do not know what does it mean to belong to one country. I dreamt about travelling as long as I want to, and not as long as my holiday is. In the past, I travelled across Europe and America, but I always wanted more. Finally, in Nov. 2018, I decided to do it for good. I left my well-paid management position in a digital agency, I sold everything that I possessed, I said goodbye to everybody, and I started my journey. Since that time I travelled across Africa, Asia and currently I am in Australia. I do not know how long will I stay in Australia, but I am sure that my journey is not over.

The hippy and the logical me

I am a hippy, yoga instructor, surfer, photographer, singer, designer and ukulele lover. I possess five outfits and two pair of shoes, and I love to walk barefoot. I am even kind of homeless right now. I do not have permanent residency anywhere. I do not have any idea where I will be in 6 months – I just live right here, right now. I do not have big responsibilities, I cherish emotions, and I am strongly connected with nature. My life right now is the hippiest one I have ever had. The hippy part of me helped me to understand who I really am and what I want. Nevertheless, the reason why I am a hippy Karo has its logical character: I am relaxed, peaceful and creative. And all those things help me in my own little business, finally we all need to work because, in the end, we all need money to live.

Karolina Poloca in the outback

Why did I start this blog?

There are multiple reasons why I started to write a blog. First of all, I wanted to share my travel experiences and photos. Second, I used to write a diary, and I thought sharing it with you, might be encouraging. Not only for you but mostly for me – getting your feedback is supportive and inspiring. Additionally, I did a WordPress course a few months ago, and my final assignment was to build my own webpage. Furthermore, I wanted to practice my English. So, step by step, reason by reason, here is my blog.
Blogging connects me with many other people like me from all around the world. I meet people who want more freedom and independence. For instance, I meet many newbies bloggers who wonder how can they monetize the blog. Furthermore, I meet many creative women who would like to sell their art or ideas online. I meet people with exciting business ideas all the time. For that reason, since I am a digital expert, I decided to add my marketing skills into blogging, and I offer help in online marketing. You can read about my services on this blog and book them online.

Ex Digital Marketing Chief

I used to work for a digital marketing agency in a management position, where I consulted various well-known firms on how to run an online business. Besides the agency experience, I also help to grow an online startup, so I know the challenges that you, as a beginner in a field, might have. I have a university degree in marketing and in total, over ten years of experience in marketing and sales.
I love to support others on their way to success – it makes me happy to see that my input makes a change. My employers, my colleagues, my clients and my friends know that if I put something on my agenda, I will do it. I always worked hard, and I will never stop. I just love challenges too much. However, now my job is different. I do not work for someone else anymore, not Monday till Friday, not behind an office desk. Now I work location-independent, time flexible, and I work for myself. If you also dream about it, let me know 🙂

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Connect with me

Whether it is business-related or not, I would love to stay in touch! I am on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. You can also leave a comment on this blog or use my contact form to send me a private message.

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